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Having travelled back to Warsaw, Zamenhof collected a very cheerful impression of England.

I will go, even if it rains.

I made some bunny-shaped cookies.

I'd love to dance with you.

This is a photo of my painting.

Your bicycle is similar to mine.

What did you tell them for?


I hesitate to broach the subject with her.

A lunar eclipse can be seen from anywhere on the night side of the earth.

The game was one point back and forth the whole game.

There's a small price to pay.

I graduated from senior high.


You aren't stupid.

I finally decided to go and see Kikki.

I couldn't let you take all the blame.

I'm just really happy right now.

You must be sleepy.

Becky said he read a lot of interesting books over the summer.

He studied hard in order to pass the examination.

He crossed the road on foot when the light was red.

It's a school holiday tomorrow, so I'm planning to go somewhere and have fun.

That's what you call good luck.

They had to find the strongest candidate possible.

If you want to avoid cholesterol, eat lean meat with no fat.

What are you guys up to?

Yesterday I went to wash in the river.

Radek is a republican.

That's pure BS!

What is love?

The children laughed and screamed, and tumbled over each other, in their efforts to catch him; but luckily he escaped.

Don't quote me on this.


Set me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thine arm; for love is strong as death, jealousy is cruel as the grave.


Applications are due October 20th.

Izzy wanted to get as far away from Dorothy as he could.

She wore pajama pants to school.

Tell us what you're thinking.

No one should be able to trace the events there back to us.

Rodger has had a medical emergency.

Who's there?

I've been a terrible host.

People are so stupid.

Stop hurting me.

How she talks!

The English are a polite people.

Saul read a book all morning.


You're no doubt confused, Dimetry.

He paid attention to my warning.

We studied about King Henry VIII in our history class today.

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Go on with your story. That is so interesting!


The typhoon made that difficult.

She has problems at school.

NASA has launched a probe called Dawn, whose mission is to travel to the asteroid belt. It will first travel to observe the asteroid Vesta. After collecting data from Vesta, Dawn will intercept with Ceres where it will observe its surface features and collect data about its chemical composition.

I'm just tying up some loose ends.

I was asked to look into the matter.

He's a sweet guy.

I'll be fine.

The tale is familiar to us.

It'll take some time until we have enough money to buy a new tractor.


And not a single person went.


Pim believes in traditional gender roles.


When seen in the perspective of half-a-dozen years or more, the best of our fashions strike us as grotesque, if not unsightly.

By using Tatoeba one learns languages.

Is the coast clear?

You kids must be hungry.

Herman stared into the distance.

I thought we got disconnected.

Here you are, Jeffrey.

Whoever wants it may take it.

What's in this box could be worth a fortune.


Well, what do you plan to do about it?

He built his house on rock.

We saw her dance.

I'm taking an exam in January.

Let's pick up a chick.

The bank is three blocks away.

The dog ate the bone, which I gave him.


This is sweet.

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How often do you see Hugh?


Don't waste your breathe.

Some demonstrators ignored the exclusion zone and were arrested.

Where are the gloves?


A cat can see in the dark.


I'll catch the next train.

The enemy suffered staggering casualities.

Amanda likes fish.

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Celeste plans to throw away his old toaster.

Have you ever spoken to Narendra?

I've nothing to fear from someone as pigeon-livered as him.

Did you crash your car into something?

The police gave Sofia the chance to surrender.

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Shean doesn't even have a pair of shoes.

I took a trip to Tokyo.

Many commentators regard Obama as a centrist.

I don't like licorice.

The five fingers of the hand are never the same.

I did it a few times.

Don't give me that.

You want to find someone with a good education, a good salary, good looks, and a good personality. Don't you think that that's aiming a bit too high?

Is there anything you want to ask me?

Where did you wring them out?

Sometimes, he's very strange.

Banks open at nine o'clock.

Soohong has agreed to do the job.

That world where people lie to each other leaves me in despair!

Did you see her stare at that young man?


Do they take care of the dog?

Kathy Jackson is the man you met the other day.

She soon adjusted to his way of life.

Beckie knows a lot about you.

Vince is very bossy.

My brother doesn't go in for sports.

Martin shared his lunch with Kitty.

She should be there now because she left early.

I try to go to the market from the house.


This is terrible.

Lum recovered from his wounds.

A hungry child isn't going to play with a full child.

This picture was taken three years ago.

Spudboy is a bad boss.

"Mum, can I have a biscuit?" "No, you shouldn't eat between meals."

We don't need Butler.

Take me from here.

It's abundantly clear.


He just makes jokes all the time.


She's our neighbour.


Where's the rest of your family?

Kay came over to my place at 2:30.

How could he possibly have effected that kind of change in that amount of time?

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In 1973, the United States launched Skylab, a space station. It was designed so that astronauts could live and work in orbit for prolonged periods of time.

The whole family frowned on the match.

You'll be all right now.


Your shirt is iridescent!


I don't want to get in your way.

You must do your homework at once.

Who called me?

Have you already eaten?

He comes home at five thirty.

He could hardly make himself understood.

Mongo doesn't know anything about it.

I purchased a new car last week.

I was just thinking about you.


My mom was very worried.

Nou has no one to play with today.

Joanne doesn't live in this neighborhood.

Where were you when the fire broke out?

I hardly ever go to Boston.

There's no other answer.

The outer part of the ear is made of cartilage.


Someone told me about that.

The man blushed.

It's far-fetched.


The news says that there was a big earthquake in Greece.


The shop was closed.

Kirk might possibly have studied French when he was in college.

Yumi studies English hard.


That's not why I'm afraid of Kuldip.


Jinchao is last.


If I love one, but one does not love the one I loved when one loved me, and one is one, but one does not love one unless the one that is one loves one, then does one love one, or does one not love one?

Teriann stays up until after midnight almost every night.

The house standing on the hill is very old.


I didn't enjoy the party at all.

We eat here.

Allow me to introduce Mr Kato to you.


Skip lacks motivation.