SIGNIFY yourself!

Signify is an electronic signature system. That's pretty self-explanatory! If you want someone to sign a document

SIGNIFY yourself!

Signify is an electronic signature system. That's pretty self-explanatory! If you want someone to sign a document


The Signify site is a SOC-1 secured, encrypted site verified by Comodo®


If you want to make the iSignify site "your own", without the headache of designing your own software or contracting a hosting company...


Each Signify User is required to validate his willingness to receive the document(s) electronically, and in doing so, will demonstrate his technical ability to receive...


A look around our app

iSignify represents the interests of all of us in a world that is striving to go paperless.

Not that we're against paper, we love paper! But when it comes to document storage, having electronic copies of the final contracts is an essential to several interests: It is eco-friendly, it is more efficient, and it saves you money in the interest of storage space. You pay a premium for real estate, but you don't need to house documents, you need to house equipment and valuable labor!

Located in the great state of Colorado, we have a development team that works for you around the clock. In case you ever want to ask us anything, don't hesitate! Pick up the phone and call, or send an email!


iSignify comes in lots of flavors, but in all cases, it's about getting something signed that is as legally binding, (if not MORE so!) than an ink-signed document.


This is a product for signing an individual document that needs to be signed. Typically, it's a one time thing. You have something you want someone to sign. Simply upload a document that you create in WORD, save it as a PDF and indicate who should sign it. iSignify will get it to them securely, collect their signature and deliver it back to you. Perfect for anyone delivering a sales contract or a participation agreement.


This is a more complicated product that allows MANY documents to be sent to a designated signer(s). Perfect for the real estate/mortgage industry, this bad boy will track all signer behavior, return completed documents for e-storage and provide tracking reports. Furthermore, if the signing activity is time sensitive, warnings are in place to indicate an alternative action to be taken.


This is the product for use by anyone (individual or professional) who needs to distribute a single document (any number of pages) to many people for signature. A little trickier, but this will collect the signatures of all the signers and return a tracking report for your records. Excellent for team managers, teachers.


This takes it to another level. This product is the fully customized version of Xeta. This makes it look like it's yours. Great for companies who regularly offer signing services to clients.If you want people to come to "your" site and sign a document, iSignify can be private labeled with your logo and branding colors. Inquire within. Own it, for practically nothin'! Best of all, you participate in the revenue.


Whether you want to customize your own signing site, or you need help downloading a report, we're right here for you. Send a support request to with a detailed description of what you're trying to do, and someone will contact you within 30 minutes.

Do you have a special project in mind?

iSignify is a team of creative geeks. There's no other way to put it. That's a compliment to them anyway. They can do whatever you want them to do.


We know you need security, we know this really counts. Due diligence conducted on our signing site verifies our authenticity and adherence to compliance standards as laid out in UETA and ESIGN Acts. REQUEST our white paper for a legal opinion.

  • 256-bit encryption over HTTPS
  • SAS-70 Type II data center (SOC I)
  • Guaranteed Up Time: 24x7x52
  • Multi layer signer authentication
  • Secure Hash Algorithm
  • Signature LOCKED with Tamper sealed protection
  • Secure and accurate event tracking, with audit reports


Oh, it's personal! If you want to make the iSignify site "your own", without the headache of designing your own software or contracting a hosting company to manage the site, just contact ...or pick up the phone and give us a call at the number above... and we'll set you up. It's easy, it's quick and it's personal.We can also fully integrate your documents so that you don't ever have to "set them up each time you send them out". No more "drawing boxes" for each signing location. You don't have to create a "SIGN HERE" image at each signature line. With full customization, we handle it once and for all!


ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE - The term `electronic signature' means an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record. (ESIGN ACT, SEC 106).

The Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act, S. 761) allow documents to be electronically validated with the same authority as a paper document with wet ink signature. These laws govern the management and handling of online contracts and transferable records. iSignify was developed in full compliance with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), October 2010 and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, (UETA) July 2010 to produce full compliance digital signatures through the creation of a private and public key using Java Keytool. A particular message is provided and signed by application of the private key, and then combined with the public key for signature verification iSignify allows the safe and secure upload and storage of any documents, along with the signing party's information. iSignify notifies the signers that a document has been posted and is ready for signature; Legitimate and accurate identity of signers will be vetted and confirmed through secure login process. iSignify will track the activity, or lack thereof, of the signer, and actively send notification to the author or distributor of the document, allowing them time to take action through other channels. iSignify decidedly establishes an audit trail, capturing the document name, type and ID, number of pages, signatures, initials and print jobs, along with signing completion date. For each signer, the date/time stamp is tracked for each application of the signature, for each document in the package, along with the signer’s email and the IP address of the computer used in the process. In addition, it tracks sender details. Also, for each signer. iSignify follows all requirements of ESIGN and UETA, and a confirmation of the signers intent, on a per document basis. iSignify creates a seal around the document, binging the signature, date and timestamp to that document. Any attempt to alter the contents of the document automatically break the seal and render the document "tampered". Also see ESIGN and UETA. A great summary of ESIGN can be found at this site, too: /


iSignify may be used in a variety of settings. Take a look at our USE CASES to determine which plan might be right for you.

Whatever you decide, iSignifiy is quick, easy, painless and secure. Beyond that, you can expect true reduction in your costs of doing business, as you will no longer lose valuable time spent tracking down a contract and money spent on costly courier services.

More importantly, you lock down an agreement while the feeling with your client is still mutual!

$9.99 /Month

  • Single login
  • 5 Documents/months

$19 /Month

  • $19/month Single login
  • $24.99/month Multiple login
  • 15 Documents/months

$29.99 /Year

  • Single login
  • Unlimited Documents

Volume based

  • Fully integrated
  • Pre-programmed signing coordinates


Who doesn't value the opportunity to meet good people and consider new talent? We are always searching for quality people. You will have to send your resume and a one page cover letter. In the cover letter, you have to tell about your experience with any eSigning. If you skip this part, then you don't really possess "attention to detail" as an attribute. Send your resume to

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