The discussions are still in progress.

Can I come backstage?

Isabelle wanted Phillip to come to Boston for Christmas.

Let's just get on with it, OK?

That is the tallest building I have ever seen.

The soldiers seized food from the people they conquered.

Is Philippe going to help Dawn?

My decision is final.

At last she got a job as a stewardess.

They destroyed stores and factories.

Give me a call later.

Maria wiped the blade of his knife on his jeans.


Raul gave the documents to the wrong person.


We must get there before her.

Would you help me for a minute?

Beckie looked as if he was angry.

I'm in love with him. I don't care what you think.

I'm ready for the war.


Daddy, I'll stop doing theater and won't sing anymore.

That's not good business strategy.

I don't know about that.

I enjoy being with her.

Bryan is playing ping-pong with his friends.

He still thinks of us as friends.

Bob is a kisser.


I'm attending to some business.

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He is not ashamed of his father being poor.

Let's leave now before anyone changes their mind.

He was admitted to the college.

He could make nothing of it.

The house is on fire!


Barney put his affairs in order.

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Wade opened the door wider.

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That's what my mom said.

Owen was John's girlfriend all through high school.

There are many politicians who don't keep their promises.

He had gray hair.

Susumu disappeared into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Are you still at work?

Will you be going to Boston with us next year?

She looks like a farmer's wife.

I don't want to talk about it.

I thought Hamilton was a nice guy.

I don't know if I should be telling you this.

Jeanette says Rob needs to resign.

He was sick in bed all day yesterday.

How can I help them?

I'll vouch for him.

He pleaded guilty.

Her consciousness grew fainter as death approached.

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He's wearing a sleeveless shirt and a trucker hat.

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He is considered to be a highly qualified employee.

You never can tell what might happen.

I have fewer students in my class this year than last year.

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She was told to accompany me.

Sandeep no longer lives here.

Brrr! It's really cold in here.


We are baking in the kitchen.


Stop taking things so personally.

I understand what's said and written, but it's hard for me to speak.

Do you think Drew will do what we've asked him to do?


Don't keep criticizing me!


Submarine submerged.

Do you want Wilson back or not?

Caleb, give me a minute. I need to think.

Perhaps having realized it was impossible to persuade her, Ms. Kurosaki sighed and sat down in her seat.

Cathrin put his thoughts on paper.

I talk in my sleep.

Are you still at the office?

Did you want to kill them?

I asked Teresa not to overreact.

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Do you have a theory?

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The more danger, the more honor.


Do you have more than one copy of this key?

Eddy didn't talk to me.

I'd like to see Brent first.

She wanted to go into the carriage.

She paid nothing.

I have a friend who lives on a boat.

I got out of bed and had a good stretch.


Just leave us alone.


They want to meet you.

Mickey seems determined.

They demanded that the president resign.

How much is that all together?

I have to pull over for a minute.

Harry never told me what he wanted to eat.

Lowell weighed it.


That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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It's not likely to happen soon.


I believe I have now told you everything.


We did have fun together, didn't we?

I can't thank him enough.

Kimmo could do that for you, I'm pretty sure.

Lou will be going home soon.

It turned out everybody in the party was a vampire.

You really have a talent for translation.

Does a cup of coffee cost one crown?

Did Winnie say anything?

When I reflect upon the number of disagreeable people who I know have gone to a better world, I am moved to lead a different life.

Dan sent Linda back home.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

Friendship is the most precious of all.

You should take her illness into consideration.

I'd like you to meet my brother, Kemal.

I like the melody of this song.

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I could help you out.

Ramiro sat on the stairs.

"What do you think?" "Well, I'm for it."

Would you have believed that?

Jarmo hates it when people do that.

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The company has decided to expand its business to Germany.

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Bruno used to be a lawyer.


Where did you get that document?

Give me an answer!

Sally missed two weeks of school, so she has to work hard to catch up with her class.

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I wasn't successful at anything today.

I do not like to take on any more work.

Smartphones would have seemed like science fiction ten years ago.

You would be safe there.

You clearly aren't very happy.

These peaches aren't very sweet.

He will go to New York next month.

We need some light in here.

I don't want the horse.


Let's hope Malcolm wasn't injured too badly.


She is said to be a domestic woman.

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He knows how to fell a tree.

He will probably fail.

I ate too much.

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I had to trust her.

There was another clash a few months later.

"I've heard Rogue is on his deathbed." "Deathbed? He's never been better!"

How do you use this camera?

Joon looks interested, but Tyler doesn't.

Not being able to decide what the priority should be is the biggest problem.

Donald refused to pay.


Can you answer this question?


Wait till the kettle begins to sing.

That's not a locust, that's a grasshopper!

Darci wanted to come with us.


He turned with a vengeance against the religion he was brought up in.

They went skiing in the mountains.

Leon doesn't really want your advice.

I gave my half to them.

Many people are allergic to peanuts.

Welcome to Australia.

I know it's hard.


Let's check it later.

You're taking too much.

Siping tried not to look at Nici.

Go and talk to Gigi.

Rik persuaded Carsten to go to Boston with him.

It'll take us three, maybe four weeks at the most.

Our talk about the sexuality of flies could offend some people.

I wish to go abroad.

I couldn't get hold of him at his office.

He never fails to write to his mother every week.

You have a great smile.

I used to be like him.

Sundar did it the way I told him to.

They made money by selling drugs into the huge market.

Stay out of Trying's way.