Many in England want to see the public subsidy of the monarchy done away with.

Juan is a girl who is pleasant to talk with.

Around here, everyone skis.

We competed with each other for the prize.

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Reading science fiction sometimes does much to encourage a scientific view of the universe.

I even considered raping her but never meant to do that for real.

Teri got stung by a jellyfish.

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I dreamed that I was eating my granddaughter's wedding cake.

Do you eat out often?

We should get something to drink.


We need a response.

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Are we going to help them?

Sho drove back to Brad's house.

We have come to know what is going on in the world faster and faster.

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I want to concentrate on that.


There was no one but admired him.

Making cookies takes time.

The wild and windy night that the rain washed away.

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I've decided we should move to Boston.

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The hotel can accommodate 400 guests.

I wrote that for him.

Your suitcases are over there.

I want to say nothing but sorry.

Yogurt is made from milk and cream.

For once, Gypsy simply had nothing to say.

In difficult times like these, no ordinary degree of effort will get our company out of danger.

Does Roderick want me to walk her home?

I teach Antonella's children French three days a week.

Petr can't be found.

Why didn't Winnie just stay in Boston?

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Gunter gently put his arms around Ping.


There's nothing in this room.


The sky is clear. Not a cloud in sight.

I am honored that you should ask me to speak.

Sorry I'm late.


This is called aesthetic attraction because it is thought to be similar to other aesthetic desires, such as the desire to keep listening to a good song or to keep looking at a beautiful sunset.

I was trying to protect Wilmer.

Bring me the Kleenex.

I can't figure out how to transfer MP3 files to my iPod.

Even though Ramsey and Knut didn't like each other at first, they eventually became good friends.

I've been waiting for you a long time.

Cynthia took a tiny bite of Takao's donut.

I'd be worried if I were you.

I gather information about the quality of goods.

Mail your application for admission directly to the school office.

Someone turned me in.


I called for Mr Stone at the office.

Why don't you help us?

I prefer to leave my Spanish sentences in the loving arms of a Hispanophone.

All the boys thought Carol was a boring person.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking?


Margaret decided not to leave home until he was a little older.

Let this little book be thy friend, if, owing to fortune or through thine own fault, thou canst not find a dearer companion.

Mona answered their questions off the cuff.

When I looked at the explanatory notes under the posts list I realized what was causing it.

I forgot to shutter the windows before the storm hit.

Pieter might have eaten before he came.

She's in prison.

Is Dick staying at the Hilton Hotel?

Hold it with both hands.


He spoke about peace.

I drive almost every day.

Bernard moved into my neighborhood.

We'll be right down.

You're the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid my eyes on.

How much should my daughter be eating?

I'm afraid of bats.

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I would like to kiss you.

Morton cut the apple in two.

I couldn't spot her.


Ritchey appeared from out of nowhere.

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Ecosystems are degrading rapidly all around the Earth.

That terminology is not at all suitable for the description of that kind of language.

I never should've dragged you into this.

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I like going swimming in the sea.

He spent six years as a political prisoner in South Africa.

I was surprised, shocked even.

They're both alive.

The president is flying into town by helicopter.

He's quick in his movements.

Do you want to be left alone?

Joon got angry at the children.

Don't tell me that you want to become a bum in Germany.


Are you able to prove it?


If I could, I would read all the time.

For one thing he is lazy, for another he drinks.

Come dance!


Unable to pay the rent, I asked him for assistance.

I got tired of hearing the same thing so often.

I couldn't keep up with Piotr.


That photographer is really talented.

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Damone had almost forgotten all about what had happened.

He is right once in a blue moon.

Valentin has not been doing very well at work recently.


Annard told me not to do it this way.

As he entered the house, two things caught his eye.

Let's welcome the engaged couple: Caroline and Emmett.

Dan planned to drop out of college and move to Canada.

Novorolsky is very sophisticated.


I think we should reduce the price.

Let's stop and take a rest.

The words covered are steadily increasing, so check frequently.


At last he attained his goal.

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The islanders are being slaughtered for no apparent reason.

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I have five copies but I need double that.

I couldn't find them anywhere.

One of the coat's sleeves is shorter than the other.

I have no intention of getting wet.

It is singular.

Let's meet at 6:30.

The flight attendant brought Vinod a drink.


Are you wearing that dress for the first time?

Did Kenton sign?

She comes from a bourgeois background.

You owe me big time.

I listened but couldn't make out what they were saying.

I was invited to Sachiko's party.

Catch her! Catch her!

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Kathy wrote to Sangho.


I know about your feelings.

The buds become beautiful red roses.

Be careful not to underestimate the problem.

Lui put the key in his pocket.

It wasn't his.

It's our one hope.

Judy has a lot of brains.

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Do we have to take the bus?

That'll be all for now.

For how long has your head been hurting?


They have many different dishes to try.

Bees provide honey for us.

Dan became a drug dealer.


Rudolf doesn't listen to mainstream music.

I get paid 300,000 yen a month.

She told me that her mother had bought it for her.

She fumbled with the glasses as she brought them in.

Which do you like more: tea or coffee?

Is Amanda still aboard?

I checked my briefcase and umbrella in the cloakroom.

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I searched high and low for my glasses but couldn't find them.

A man's worth lies not so much in what he has as in what he is.

But soon he would not be able to walk, write, or even eat by himself.


I think I've met you before.


He ran up the stairs.

There's too much sugar in the coffee.

Will you be going to the party tonight? If not, let's go watch a movie.


We put them in straitjackets.


Neville told me it wouldn't be a problem.


Seek peace and pursue it.


We'll welcome you at any time.

If you want to succeed, you should work hard.

Which of the following is true about the Bilbao museum?

I'm not going to fall off the ladder, am I?

I can't express myself in French very well.

His behavior shocked us.

The search continues.

It'll be great.

I'll be counting on you to bring a salad.