I can't prune this tree. It's too tall.

"Which one of you is going to fuck me?" she asked them eagerly.

Now my income is twice what it was two years ago.


They had stickers on their cars reading: "First Iraq then France".

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I ate sand.


Hiding yourself won't help.


His actions are typical of those of his friends.

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We must apply corrective measures.

Now, what were we talking about?

All the old magazines are sold out.

Hey, what's going on out there?

I'm not sure how to do that.

He's under the chair.

The table doesn't take up much room.

What did your mom say?

She bought a dozen eggs.


Water and oil are both liquids.


What's that letter about?

I can make them more comfortable.

You should not expect the help of others.

Shamim pulled an envelope out of her purse and handed it to Giles.

"What kind of feeling?" the shopkeeper asked.

I won't tell anyone about this.

I'd like to get started.

You'd better go with her.

Europe has addressed energy issues and climate change far more seriously than the United States has.

Everyone is happy with the decision, so please don't rock the boat.

What's your favorite hymn?

Would you mind if I asked you some questions?

I told you Aimee was really annoying.

I'm interested in the history of Japan.

You shouldn't have come.


This is really funny.

Good-bye, Sayoko!

Time and circumstances bring wisdom.

Keep it simple.

Am I older than you?


You have a lot of experience in computers, don't you?

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Her daughter is a nurse.

I am 30 years old.

Sylvan's the first to admit that, without Jacques, he'd probably be in jail, or worse.


I didn't have time to watch TV yesterday.

Traditionally on April 1st, people pull pranks on each other.

They believed he was honest.


Tran is going to run for mayor.

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I can spare you just 10 minutes.


People took pity on the orphan.

I don't know his last name.

You need some downtime.

My computer doesn't work anymore.

Have you thought about when you want to arrive?

But that's incredible!

Watch your language.

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I could use a little help in here.

Can I have your full name?

The first and second volumes are available online.

Here's your salad.

Toerless took notes during the meeting.


The gift-giving custom dies hard.

Cynthia can calculate at an amazing speed.

Nathan and Hughes were bad parents.

I wonder who this is from.

We eat.


Ramesh was stabbed by a member of John's gang.

The monsoon season is coming.

His tone was very annoyed.

I enjoy eating hot soup.

Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong.


We are hoping for your quick recovery.

A police helicopter located Dan's car.

Hello. How can I be of service?

Andrea isn't likely to be here on time.

Vick's not here.

I told you that was just a joke.

Rajendra applied for a job.


I am absolutely in agreement with you.

Milo is getting agitated.

I don't know who to choose.

We have had difficulty reaching you by phone.

He got up enough guts to break the ice at the board meeting.

Those probably didn't hear you.

How about a match between the English and the others?


Life is short, so I use Python.

Changes in the country are inevitable.

Did you get the flowers that I sent you?

Marsha has already spoken to me about it.

Myron baked bread.

Japanese high school students go to school 35 weeks a year.

That's happened to me plenty of times.

I have an attraction for older, chubby women.

There's little to do.

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She spends most of her income on books.

French is her first language.

You must record his speech.

You have your orders, Sharan.

We still need to talk to Linley.


He used to get up early.


Where is a good restaurant around here?

Sonny isn't the only one who knows where Sergei is right now.

I felt a severe pain on the shoulder.


The teacher took part in the children's games.

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I do things at my own pace.

Net-profit comes to 10 million dollars every year.

They all looked.

The cow goes "moo" and the cat goes "meow."

I tried hard.

We have to leave tomorrow!

She suffers from a contagious disease.


The answers for the practice problems are at the end of the book.

The list included Brooke.

I'm sorry, I don't recognize you.

I want to go to school and study hard.

Sonny was wearing a cowboy hat.

You must trust me.

She was not a little surprised at the news.

Glen is a professional photographer.

Could you put these bags in the trunk?


Although Jesper is a scholar of aboriginal linguistics, even she was surprised to learn that "caucus" derives from an Algonquian word meaning "tribal elders."

I want him to leave.

I'm able to swim.

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Do you think Jerrie saw Earl?

Kirsten didn't know that Sergei considered him a jerk.

The students used a magnet in science class.

Why can't we go visit her?

Who the fuck cares?

This place isn't convenient to public transportation.

They call women who make a hobby out of collecting Chanel goods "Chanellers".

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I'm horrible with animals.

Rudy knitted Bob a sweater for his birthday.

It's because I love him.


Eli was taken aback.

I had gone some distance before I missed my wallet.

I won't have it any other way.

Shirley looked at Glynn's sketches.

I gave Deirdre a little more time to finish his report.

We only use our basement for storage.

Diane usually wears a wetsuit when he goes surfing.


He was aiming a gun at them.


You're on the wrong train.

You need to eat vegetables every day.

I'd never let that happen.


Some animals, such as lions, eat meat.

Stop looking at me like that!

I think I know what happened.


Please bring me a clean knife.

He lifted the trunk to show off his strength.

It could happen again.

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I'm glad that I was able to help you last week.

The Earth is like a ball with a large magnet inside.

Much of what they wrote about never happened.

The policeman is in the car.

Elizabeth wore a silver locket in the shape of a heart.

The rocket ought to have reached the moon by now.

This is a very good friend of mine.

I don't think he's faking.

I hear your steps and I know you are returning home.

The cat climbed up the tree.

He wants to learn how to cook.

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Don't touch my sandwich!

The bipartisan commission's recommendations were ignored.

The one whose butt got burned has to sit on the blisters.

That doctor is a man of culture.

I'm pretty sure Ninja could do that.