Do you know where Carsten put the keys?

If drinking is costing you more than money, you should give it up.

Steve was finally arrested.


No one is asking you to eat that.

Shatter is both able and willing.

Mr Grey did not enjoy his job.

It was a private matter.

I think you are mistaken.

He can do better.

I don't remember what I was looking for.

Srinivas gave Harris a book about Australia.

I won't be able to get all of this done unless you help me.

Frederick doesn't eat between meals.

Why are you so quick to defend Srinivas?

"What kind of beer do you want?" "Whatever's on tap."

I've never met those people.

You have three options.

Patricia's problem is that he lives in his own bubble.


I feel like I have to go pee!

One can gain a greater understanding of one's own language through learning another.

I will visit Nara next week.

I wish it were always like this.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 20th.


It has rained since yesterday.


Hector might've followed Bucky.

Kirk probably should go to the doctor.

We thought the situation would be embarrassing.


Ernest needs to get out of here.

We all know what'll happen.

I didn't read.

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I thought he was my younger brother.


I do sympathize with you.


Antonio's not in the office.

You didn't have to say yes.

I'm going to give a paper at this year's conference on biomedical ethics.

Is the play still running?

To the village.

I've got longer legs than you.

I got all choked up when I heard Ryo's voice on the telephone.

The genesis of that idea can be traced back to a casual conversation a decade earlier.

The diver ran out of air and drowned.

Her children have gone to Tokyo and she misses them very much.

I can always sleep no matter where I am.


I could be helpful.


I think Novorolsky is unreliable.

I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Don't anticipate your income.

During the reigns of Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI, France supported the English colonists in their resistance against the London government not because of an admiration for democracy but because the French wanted to weaken the British, who, for a long period of time, had been the enemies of the Government of France.

Could you get me a club soda?


I'm trying to avoid them.

Could you tell what it was?

I went to the market.


Many thanks, friends.

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space.

What brought you to Boston?

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I'd never let you kiss me.

She slammed on the brakes.

Let's not watch TV.

Joachim is a male model.

Van had his leg bandaged by Brett.

What are you lining up for?

I was really late.

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I think he's hiding something from us.

A hornet is buzzing.

I'm washed up.

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I just want to know why Olivier isn't here.

Did you get him something?

Have you found the umbrella which you said you had lost the other day?

Okay, I'm leaving now.

My business is at a standstill because of the recession.


Why doesn't he subpoena them?


A child who reads becomes an adult who thinks.

I'd like a chance to set the record straight.

A man who breaks his promises cannot be trusted.

I don't have books to read.

You wouldn't be any happier if I told you.

Let there be love.

Let's stop by Mah's house and talk to him.

Joyce lied to you about that.

I grow many kinds of roses.

Mongo knows how to dive.

I never had to worry about Kay.

After much debate, it was decided that to be a planet in our solar system, an object must be in orbit around the Sun, have enough mass so that it has become round in shape due to its own gravity, and have cleared out its orbital path around the Sun.

I forbid you smoking!

I thought I told you to get out of my way.

You hurt me, Syun.

I want to commit suicide.

Indra gave me one lakh rupees.

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This book is my good luck charm; I read it every five months.


He has just bought a used car.

That may have been true when you were a kid, but it's not true anymore.

The tidal wave warning has been canceled.


I'm cold. May I close the window?


Jim's unflappable, even under great pressure.

Come on, I'll give you a lift.

Every citizen ought to help them.

That was very foolish.

He is at home.

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It won't be easy, but it's possible.

The children are in need of you.

No... I mean, yes.

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Maurice is my older sister.

Isn't the weather great?

Why did you bring him here?


You have to strike the iron while it's hot.

Hiroyuki poured champagne for himself and Herve.

The one thing to do is to do nothing. Wait.


Dan didn't get up early enough to catch the first train.

You know people.

Sonny claims he's not racist but just politically incorrect.

I will tell you more about Japan.

What made her so sad?

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Damon entered the room and closed the door.


Father always says, "Do your best."

This day, my greatest wish was realized.

I was definitely surprised.

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When I try to listen to music with media player there's an error and I can't play the file.


He kissed me on the lips.

I guess my mind just wandered.

Your father is a well-known doctor.


We found a poor little cat in the yard.


He came up with me.

Get serious.

He drinks milk.


I'm an old man now.

Sunil is barely conscious.

Mick is planning to redecorate his bedroom.

I swear I didn't do anything.

Chet says we're not compatible.


He gave a big yawn!


Please replace the empty ink cartridge in the printer.

I need people who I can trust.

Why do I get hiccups every time I eat spicy food?

I've already ordered it.

I should've not said anything.

I'm not so brave.

What divine weather!

Maybe we can help him.

It's time we got ready.

I don't know why I even thought I had a chance with Victoria.

He smokes 3 packs a day.

Many people easily understand the injustice of the current language situation in the world where English dominates. But they also see the collective advantages, as for example a relatively good and direct communication between intellectuals and leaders of different languages through the English language, and the personal advantages as their own knowledge of the English language. About a neutral language such as Esperanto, one does not know much and does not seek information.

Does Todd believe that?

She played a tune on the piano.

I have clearly asked for this list in writing.

I eat lunch every day at noon.

I'd forgotten that you'd forgotten.


I'm not going to hold that against you.


I'd like to see you.

Lum doesn't like anybody and nobody likes him.

I liked the show.


He is well acquainted with history as a whole.

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He insisted that I join him.

It's not bad at all, in fact, it's really good.

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world.

May I have your name and address?

Dogs are forbidden.

We're still too far away.

Roman was charming.

The defense rests.

It isn't futile to go to university.