Surely the most curious of sources consulted is Mankind Quarterly.

We are to be married next Sunday.

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This magazine is published bimonthly, and that one is published quarterly.

I have a few things to finish up before I go home.

Who should I make this check out to?


He held out his hand to welcome us.


It's exciting to watch her run after a cockroach.

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We were just about to enter the room.

Uh... How's that working?

Johan wants to file a complaint.

Marlena called Ross and asked her out.

Is your brother's name Aleksej?

We consider Moran honest.

There were two pies.


I learned German for three years in school and two years in university.


I want to become a better teacher.

He is accredited with the invention.

I'd like to try some Thai food.

Diana couldn't rest.

The city of Boston has one of the best children's hospitals in the United States.


Dan was a seasoned investigator.

Let's do some exercise to work up an appetite.

Holly seems to know all that already.

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Lenny is a little uptight.


I am fed up with this wet weather.


I couldn't get him to wake up.

Possibly the factory will be closed down next week.

That singer is going to become popular.

Can't you see Roman is in agony?

You're so full of it.

He's hell-bent on finding out who killed his daughter.

Under no circumstances can you enter in here.

When Heinz was a teenager, he earned money delivering newspapers.

No one opposed the choice.

Do you remember how amazing Wolfgang was at dancing?

He seems to be involved in that matter.

Maureen could think about nothing but Emily in the early stages of his relationship with her.

Please open the document I sent; it is at the end of this message.

I have tried innumerable times to contact him.

Let the festivities begin.

Caves are dark.

She's allergic to cats.

Arlene didn't want to disappoint his parents.

The poet wrote many poems.

Jess looked around quickly.

The dentist would like you not to eat any sweets.

No one can deny the fact.

Currently, my sister is working as a saleswoman in the supermarket.

Herve delivers pizzas.

He hasn't said a word.

Elliott is sound asleep, but Miltos is awake.

I don't want to hear another complaint about you.

The king once lived in that palace.

Tatoeba was temporarily unavailable.


Most of my pain is gone.

Nichael is sad because he is often separated from Lois in German sentences by a comma.

I want to go abroad next year.

I haven't dismissed you yet.

We must know exactly what we're doing.

This is really interesting.

People in different cultures need more or less personal space.

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The world is at a low point.

My parents want to dismiss our nurse because they don't have enough money to pay to her.

I had to go there yesterday.

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They are great masterpieces of European art.

Come and get me.

Some parts of the British proposal seem unacceptable.

I'm addicted to Tatoeba.

Is your wife a good cook?


In China, the history began thirty years ago; we can't know what happened any farther back than thirty years.

You owe him a big apology.

Where are my glasses?

We did all we could do.

A person who is born in Spain is a Spaniard.

The bills keep piling up.

He's a good driver.

Thank you for the lovely surprise!

All my dreams will come true.

I admire you.

How did you know I wanted to go to Boston?


We have an interesting book in German.


I'm never going to race again.


How long is too long?

This is in effect less expensive than that.

In that unwelcoming place I found too many surly people.


The Democrats haven't decided on their candidates yet, but in any case they're sure to lose.

You can speak English well, can't you?

Glen isn't aware of how irritating he is.

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Charlie's dog lay down.


What I need is to have a friend.

Would you like to visit the United States?

Raphael will eventually give up.


I want to go to Boston with you.


This music is beautiful.


It's not actually raining yet.

I need palliative care.

I can't believe Takeuchi betrayed me.

I'm probably not as hungry as Ro is.

Does it snow a lot in the winter?


I don't like riding the subway.

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You should regard the rights of all.

Elvis would be mad.

I'm thinking of going into politics.


It rained yesterday afternoon.

The prince was turned by magic into a frog.

I am currently learning Esperanto.

Norma is growing frustrated.

I believe the honest will win in the long run.

It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times.

That young man can't get the sort of jobs he wants and doesn't have any friends; he's really at a loss.


We wouldn't take such junk even as a gift.

Are you attracted to Roman?

You forgot to water the plants!

I graduated two years ago.

Do you speak Greek?

The storm kept us from searching for the missing child.

Dory followed Marshall home.

My grandfather is very fond of reading.

Both Triantaphyllos and Niall graduated last year.

I'm in my hotel room.

You seem to be better.

Is everything in position?

Laurie was wrong to refuse Amanda's help.

Toby gave an apple to Dannie.

I don't want to lie to you.

I want to hear more about Eduardo.

Can I see you in the kitchen?

I've done nothing unusual.

His best friend ratted him out to the authorities.

They had the majority in Parliament.

I haven't achieved anything yet.


Barrett, I want you to speak to Nadeem.

Vick showed Wes around.

Nobody wants to look for my car.

Happily, everyone rescued from the sea are alive and well.

Morgan tried not to overreact.

I don't know how to do this.

Your parents are just worried about your safety.

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Valentin is flying in tomorrow from Australia.

He drank a glass of red wine.

The insurance payments depend on the use intended (work or leisure).

What's Stan up to these days?

I got up at six, ate breakfast and then went to school.

Because you are an idiot!

Why isn't the ship moving?

He failed the exam because he had not studied enough.

Disillusion can become itself an illusion if we rest in it.

If you cut class or wouldn't surprise you if it showed up on your report card, would it?

Friends are thieves of time.

Put your mask on.

Don't generalize about an entire group of people just because you had some bad experiences.


This matter conducts electricity well.


I'm sorry. I can't tell you.


That keeps happening to me.


Lex looks like he's in pain.

Now try to sleep.

I cannot bear her endless love.

Summer has gone all too soon.

He's adept at jumping into profitable niches.

Trust me, you'll like it.

Where did you go on your summer vacation?

I don't want to live where I work.

I wanted to apologize to him.


I don't think we need to worry.

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Real stuck to his job.