How wonderful this is!

I turned off the computer.

I think that's up to you now.

Tell Serdar to meet us at the station.

Valerie took a step forward.


His voice sounds like pure sex.

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I had tea instead of coffee this morning.


Bernard raised his hat.

Sunil always keeps his room neat.

This is too expensive!


"What about the girls, my son?" "Oh dad."


I hope you know that.

I would like to see your products.

Sjaak said he was Canadian.


He was big and slow and silent.


I've got something in my eye.

Any object that gets too close to a black hole will be pulled inside it.

The broad river flows slowly.


You are going to be eaten.


We need to prepare for the worst.

Debbie was Lum's alleged accomplice.

I didn't say a word during the dinner. We kept quiet for almost an hour.

So far does anyone have any question?

I don't get it either.


We got that figured out.

This dog is bigger.

Could you stay and help me?

We had a rough voyage.

What is your native language?

People in these areas are growing hungrier each year.

Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to me.

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We display grey sentences because they can be useful, but you should be careful. Their meaning may differ a little from the main sentence.

How well do you know them?

That cheese is made from sheep's milk.

I'd like it if you would keep an eye on King.

Don't hesitate to ask me.


Communists don't worship money.

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In addition to English, Mr. Nakajima can speak German fluently.

Marian appreciated Tobias's help.

I knew you wouldn't want to do that.

His speech is too abstract to understand.

There we are!

Any paper will do.

I think Kee and Allan are too young to get married.


If you want quality, pay for it.

I never heard anything like that.

Aren't you supposed to wait?


I'm glad we saw him.


She is not only kind but honest.


Dennis finally snapped.


You've been most helpful.

Did you let him know yet?

I think Oleg is entirely wrong about Hamilton.

Tell me why you're upset.

Ellen wouldn't do a thing like that.

Is anything broken?

The combination is 10-42-30.

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This is too long.

When I see you, my heart says me that I am a lover.

Parents are usually concerned about their children's future.

"How pretty she is!" said Ben to himself.

"I'm going to put a curse on you", said Lucius.

I use this bowl for cooking jelly.

I don't know where.

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Those who don't want to see are very blind.

There are a lot of places to visit in Boston.

Where did you dig that up again?

Daryl doesn't know you're here, does he?

Do you have a receipt?

Where did he know my name?

She had, I thought, no right to do that.

I didn't want you involved in this.

It will threaten the prosperity of the town.

I'll see if Kusum knows how program in JavaScript.

I know just what you need.

Don't think about it.

You've never been in love, have you?

You're making me feel tired.

Sugih was obviously drunk.

Randy told me he was afraid that Spudboy might kill him.

How am I gonna get started talking to this beautiful babe?


Ned may not want to go swimming with us.

I'll find a way to make it happen.

Do you think there's any chance that Darren knows Ernest's phone number?

I offered him fifty pence and he accepted.

They're already dead.

This is rubbish.

All is quiet on the western front.

He lost himself quickly in the crowd.

Srivatsan was supposed to be our lawyer.


It's pretty bumpy.

How do you expect us to do that?

Let's dance all night long!

The fat woman was holding a monkey.

I am not writing a letter.

You're with friends.

They don't know my name.

You've been good to us.

Our views on the matter are in accord.


He is no longer here.

For some reason he could not say the whole truth.

Did you speak to them?


If I had to choose between those two books, I would choose the one with the yellow cover.

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Bread has gone up ten yen in price.

the groups infractions were so egregious that we were forced to arrest them.

I regret kissing her.

Part stood up and then everyone else stood up, too.

After two years of wandering in the sea, nobody expected them to get back.

Everyone is waiting anxiously.

My aunt sent me a birthday present.

The runners rounded the corner into the homestretch.

Roland and I are partners.

I almost called her.

Starbuck didn't have as much trouble finding a job as he thought he would.

Flying enables us go to London in a day.

They no longer felt a need to protest.


I heard that Elvis was gunned down.

Harmon stayed with Clare and John when he visited Boston.

Here's a list of our demands.


Do you think it will take long by bus?


He's so young.

UBS is the largest bank in private wealth management in Europe.

I wish I had eaten breakfast.


I guess after that many beers Emmett is probably very drunk.


If he should die tomorrow, what in the world would you do?

See you Thursday!

We were ready to attack.


Naomi looked very bedraggled after being caught in a heavy downpour during his run.

I don't know why I was so nervous.

I erased one.

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I wonder if Mason will win.


The richer they got, the more confident they became.

Del pinched my arm.

Kusum can't work.

I got on the wrong train.

If not for me, do it for Bill.

He worked hard for the purpose of buying a foreign car.

No one is calling you a thief.


I should study French.

Each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.

One of life's simple pleasures is the time to read a good book on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


It's now your turn.

I believe her story.

Let someone else do it.

I used to watch a lot more TV than I do now.

This year, the number of conference participants from China will exceed the number from the United States.

I am not mean.

Shane is going to be busy.

The red shoes clash with this green shirt.

You tried that, didn't you?


I imagine that you went through a lot of difficulties.

That road is too narrow for a car to drive on.

Did anybody see anybody?

European scientists have discovered a potentially habitable planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our solar system.

You obviously want to buy that dress.


You need a doctor.


Detective Dan Anderson picked up another trail.

Laurel says that he has changed his ways.

I had many problems during my visit to the U.S., but overall, I had a good time.

The explosion took place because of his carelessness.

I couldn't even guess.