The radio broadcast the news in detail.

Haiku is a poetic form originating in Japan.

I'm not overweight.

Shannon is former FBI.


You were always on my mind.

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I have so many ideas.

Teriann had an upset stomach.

That's an ugly building, in my opinion.

Wouldn't it make you want to spit chips?

Lloyd attacked Jarvis.

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I can hear everything you're saying.

The workers have no country.

The blood stream is usually constant and continuous.

I should've told him no.

Although it was a popular movie, Out of Africa was more of a coffee-table movie than anything else.

His great ability was fully appreciated by his friends.

Brilliant papers by Comrade Stalin allowed Soviet linguistics to take the leading position in the world.

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I don't really sing like that.


I met some friends while I was waiting for a bus.

We can't leave Norm.

Mara was one of my students.

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We'd better get out of the way.

He doesn't know it yet, but he's already dead.

Could you tell me how to get there?


I'd like to hear your opinion.

Don't tell anyone that we are doing this.

You want more information about our activities? Subscribe to our newsletter.

You should take an umbrella.

Is that black briefcase yours?

That comes to the same thing.

Can I eat this cake?


Is there anyone you can trust in this cold place?


You're all cowards.

Was there any damage?

You haven't given me anything yet.

This is only for your personal use.

It is not until we lose our health that we recognise its blessing.


What'll happen to Clay if he's found guilty?


No tongue can tell of the wonders I saw.

Say anything you want to say.

I've already got plans.

My dream is to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

We placed a white tablecloth over the table.

Raphael is a tornado chaser.

Bryce is lying ill in bed.

Did you mark the papers?

It occurred to him that he should start at once.

Does Nikolai know who I am?

I got home and took my shoes off.

I can't believe you're graduating.

Ravindran just gave this to me.


Kelly wants me to help him tomorrow.

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Since when is your skin jaundiced?


Ami was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident.

I tried to make friends with the classmates.

I've always been proud of you.

Who lost it?

The brown hat is old.

The funniest thing happened to me on the way here.

The girls all liked Emily.

Please return to your seats.

I have every right to be here.


I hope everything's OK.

He cried as if he were a boy of six.

Could you tell me where I can get a train?

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That's what I wanted to see you about.


Her hobby is bodybuilding.

Mr Sato is on another line. Will you hold the line a minute?

It is strange that he should say such a thing.

What subject are you poor at?

We struck the wall with our fists.

Marcia is arranging bail.

Have you ever shot a gun?

Morris and Vivek have been studying French together all afternoon.

You're not afraid of me.

The term ends next week.

So, what should I tell them?

I'm taking her to the park.

The author doesn't display much talent in his book.

Bart doesn't pay dues.

If you're not going to try any harder than that, you might as well give up now.

Their relationship really started gaining momentum.

John has been collecting stamps since he was a child.

They were afraid we wouldn't get there.

Internal combustion engines burn a mixture of fuel and air.

Felicja is married to a handsome man called Lazarz.

If you had stuck around, you would have had a lot of fun.

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We can't wait for them.

I'll go and talk to him.

So what do we do if Pratapwant shows up?

Robin chose to ignore Hugh's comment.

The goat ate from her hand.

Sonny should do the same.

The old man died last week.


Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all.


She looked more beautiful than ever.

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They robbed Jim of everything he had.

What did you see in the kitchen?

Why aren't you ready yet?

Nigel wants to tell Ralf the truth.

That psychiatrist specialized in eating disorders.


I found out that Pierce was wealthy.

The family was shook up when the grandmother died unexpectedly.

We've all been there.

Roger liked writing songs. He also liked to perform his own songs on the stage.

What are you cooking inside the pressure pot?

What's this purple stain?

The two countries of France and Italy are divided by the Alps.

She looked after her baby.

Craig looks happy today.


Can you figure out what Kenton's doing?


Do you understand it?

Work hard, or you will fail.

They worked each day from the time the sun rose until it set.


I like the silhouette these clothes give me.

It is not good manners to laugh at someone when he makes mistakes.

Many of the men became sick.

Ralf gave up smoking.

I'm going running.


I am like you.

First, let's talk about Ro.

Laurence obviously wasn't happy.

They are already able to listen to the album.

He wants to learn how to cook.

Stephanie wondered why Sofoklis had written his name on the back cover of her notebook.

This type of discrimination isn't very widespread in our country.

I'd like to have an interview with your father about the matter.

I certainly didn't expect to see you here in Boston.

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Music is the expression of the movement of the waters, the play of curves described by changing breezes.


Count to ten.

It's just possible that he'll eventually recover the use of his legs.

Daddy, where will we go?


I don't think it's worth it.

You didn't complain, did you?

Tollefsen found the problem.


Why is the plane late?


I wanted to sink through the floor.


Takayuki and Elijah were frightened.


How many students have been admitted to the school this year?

The speeding car missed the child, who ran out into the road, by only a hairsbreadth.

When converting 1 mole of ice into water, and 1 mole of water into steam, which requires more energy?

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He is a kook.

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What's this doing here?


Once she starts talking, she is hard to stop.

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"Where's Carter?" "She's in her room. She's studying. She's been studying for two hours, since three o'clock."

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I wish Carlos and his family all the best.

You can't count on his help.

He didn't have the slightest awning what her last name is.

They have preserved the building.

He was floored by my argument.

When you shake hands with somebody, you must look him in the eye.

My son needs to be more alert at school.

Who are the judges?

They were afforded the opportunity to work for the government.

He has a very friendly smile.

See if you can do something to help Matt.

If you hadn't done that, Hunter wouldn't have gotten upset.

I won't buy one.

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I'm sure I've seen him before somewhere.

I want very much for you to understand.

That's bollocks!